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Jazmin (BIPOC families only):



Bri Music

for a broad doula search for your due date and in your zip code, you can start with

for community doula support you can check out:


La Leche League International:

Cami Goldhammer

for community lactation support you can check out:

childbirth ed

my top recommendation is for my doula instructor and experienced teacher Sharon Muza — she is extremely knowledgeable and evidence-based. her classes are popular and do fill up - so not a great fit if you are wanting a personalized class:


other great childbirth classes

families have recommended to me

Melinda Ferguson — teaches a one evening add-on class that is all about movement and "getting the baby out." offers online classes.

Kristin Kali — childbirth education in a 100% gender-inclusive, LGBTQ+ centered space.

Penny Simkin team, options for in or out of hospital, and parent classes:

Self-paced coursework with weekly  virtual meetups:

BIPOC folks

Jazmin Williams from does individual virtual or in-person childbirth education. contact her for pricing at

Erika Davis (a very well known local birthworker) has her Whole Body Pregnancy class a few times a month for BIPOC and LGBT+ folks:  



Tracy Barret Adams:

Nancy Allin — offers free monthly information sessions

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