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Josie was absolutely phenomenal. She made me feel so comfortable, and truly cared for with every need! She was my number one contact when I had my 1st born. She was always a call, text, or even a FaceTime away. There's times where I'd call her at 2:00am and felt bad for waking her! She assured me that she loved to be there for me 24/7 and not to be embarrassed if I needed to call her in the middle of the night. I'm confident she would make any mother feel safe in her care as she truly saved me multiple times in my discomfort. Any question I had, she knew the answer. Now that she's given me so much knowledge, I'm a bit sad that I don't talk to her every single day! I feel like I'm not only losing an incredible Doula, but a friend, too! I highly recommend having this beautiful soul along side of anyone who needs guidance going into motherhood. If it wasn't for Josie, I wouldn't of stuck with breastfeeding. I'm truly grateful I had her along side of me!   — K.G., May 2020

Josie was beyond anything I expected. We had meetings a few times prior to my birth — she spent time to get to know me and my expectations for my delivery. This was my first time giving birth and having Josie as my doula helped a lot with my anxiety of the unknown — she also provided me with a lot of information and had an answer to every question. Going into all this initially I was very scared and anxious of the whole delivery process and after meeting with Josie and discussing everything, it didn't seem so scary!

When the actual delivery time came, Josie stayed with me the entire time I was admitted to the hospital. She helped me throughout my contractions and had me breathe through all of them. Having her help me with this made it seem like the contractions weren't so bad! I still decided to move forward with the epidural — and when it kicked in, my entire left leg went completely numb and this was a bit uncomfortable for me. Josie massaged my leg the entire night up until it was ready for me to give birth. She is absolutely the best doula anyone could ever ask for.

Josie has been very caring, supportive, and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend her for your doula needs! 

                          — N.S., August 2020

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