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I became a doula at 9 years old when I intuitively stepped into the role while my mother was giving birth to my baby brother. Since that day, my desire to support pregnant, birthing, and postpartum people has never wavered. I went on to receive my formal training through Bastyr University, DONA International, Lamaze International, and Evergreen Perinatal Education. I am also certified in the use of TENS units and have 16+ years of babywearing experience.

I am committed to the support of all pregnant people and I take a holistic approach toward every aspect of the birthing experience. As a resource for education and empowerment, I compassionately stand beside you, helping you to advocate for yourself and manifest the outcomes you desire. I aim to instill confidence through education, no matter the setting: hospital, home, or birth center. My work centers around underserved and marginalized communities, whom I support with nonjudgment, compassion, and full transparency. Whatever the circumstance, pregnant peoples’ care should be held to the highest standards with dignity as the priority.  


Everyone is entitled to accurate, fact-based information about the benefits of human milk. If someone chooses to pursue the relationship of breast/chestfeeding, they should have the support and information to nurse for however long they have chosen, whether that be 3 days or 3 years. My goal as a lactation consultant and educator is to provide fact-based information and instill confidence through education to ensure a successful nursing experience.

I am a mother of two wonderful children born 15 years apart and in very different circumstances. As a pregnant Black teen, I realized I wanted to be the person I didn't have at my birth and that is the person I have devoted my life to becoming. My heart is fullest when I'm with my children, my husband, and our zany pomchi.

Josie Wright-Mulhair

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